How we celebrated our little one turning five, over on Geoffrey & Grace

And just like that, four seasons have been and gone and our little one is another year older.

Five – a whole handful! She is very proud to show people how ‘many’ she is with a thrust of her palm. I’d forgotten what it was like to be little and to feel so excited to be another year older. Bailey has been looking forward to being five for a good few months now. As soon as Christmas had been and gone, she was on to the next highlight of the year… her birthday.

How we celebrated our little one turning five, over on Geoffrey & Grace

We had a party for her at home and our house was packed full of four and five year olds. It was a pretty chaotic couple of hours, and our curtains were pulled down from an energetic game of hide-and-seek (they’re all fixed now though).

However, along with the chaos was a house full of giggles, a mound of bunny-eared cup cakes, and the best game of pin the tail on the fox ever. It was such a treat to have our home filled with friends; there were the joyful sounds of little feet padding up and down the hallway, and a sweet chorus of Happy Birthday.

At one point Bailey was running about in her vest and pants, and she ate her lunch whilst tucked up in bed. If you can’t do that when you’re turning five, when can you?!

How we celebrated our little one turning five, over on Geoffrey & GraceThere is never a dull day in our household, and I am constantly surprised (and tickled) by the things she says, and does. See this post and this post for examples.

Her imagination is such a wonder, and role-play is still her favourite game. Whether she’s being a princess, cat, an arctic dog, or pretending she’s the mummy, I often marvel at how she creates an imaginary world.

Sometimes, I watch her behaviour, or how she responds to something, and I see so much of myself in her. The way she can be cautious and unsure about things, or the way she can be especially particular about something, or even how she can be very determined to do something in her own way. Our similarities can feel like a blessing, as I can really identify with how she is feeling. It also makes me super thankful that her Daddy is around to help ground her and provide a different energy to mine.

How we celebrated our little one turning five, over on Geoffrey & Grace

Happy Birthday beautiful Bailey…  We love how silly you can be, how expressive you are, and even how wilful. You are thoughtful, shy, and oh so funny, and I feel thankful to be your Mummy everyday. We can’t wait to watch you grow up and discover all that life has to offer. Remember you can be anything you want to be…. The world awaits…


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  • Ali Clifford

    Ah Melanie, it’s so special that you are keeping this “diary” for her – i miss my boys being that little, their imaginative play and being able to count their age on one hand. Big love to you x

  • Rachael Constance Anthoney

    This is the sweetest thing. Like Ali mentioned, it’s so beautiful that you’re keeping a journal for her to reflect on when she’s older. It’s like scrapbooking for the modern age. Tasteful and elegant as always. xx