monthly voice – october

October monthly round up on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

Welcome to the first ‘monthly voice’ on the blog; a new feature that will look back over the last 30 days at what we’ve been up to, and where I have found pockets of inspiration that month. A chance for me to share things I have been reading, listening to, and things that have had my heart.

October monthly round up on the Geoffrey & Grace blog
At the beginning of October we spent a glorious sunny day at the Pick Your Own at Roundstone Farm. We had a fantastic afternoon gathering fruit and vegetables, and came home with arms full of Valour plums – which weren’t in the fruit bowl for long, thanks to Bailey. Plus, as well as all the tasty produce we picked, we got to ride on a tractor – that’s got to be a good day.

October monthly round up on the Geoffrey & Grace blogOctober monthly round up on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

October monthly round up on the Geoffrey & Grace blog
I discovered Merrilee Liddiard aka Mer Mag through our #slowliving_create on Instagram. Her blog and Instagram feed is full of fantastically creative things to do, and make, for and with your little ones.

We went on several nature walks and got creative and played with Autumn. Plus, we are loving these super soft Moccasins from Wolfie and Willow, who have a beautiful new Autumn and Winter range of ‘luxury leather moccasins for little eco warriors’. I am very excited to announce that Geoffrey & Grace is a brand representative for this wonderful company who remind us to live lightly.

October monthly round up on the Geoffrey & Grace blog
My ears and soul are happy to have discovered Nadia Reid. They have been playing her latest single ‘Call the days’ on 6music, which had me on the first listen. She also has a new album ‘Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs’, out on the 27th of November.

October monthly round up on the Geoffrey & Grace blog
In our house we are loving these Bee Eco Wraps made by the Devine Family who live off-the-grid in Australia. They are hand-crafted reusable beeswax wraps, and are a fantastic alternative food storage. Made with GOTS certified organic fabric infused with local, sustainably farmed beeswax, tree resin and local cold pressed jojoba oil, they are completely natural, and so good for the environment. They are super-clever too because the warmth of your hands makes the wraps really malleable and you can mould them to fit perfectly around any bowl or even directly around your food. We are big fans. Danielle interviewed them as part of her series looking at what it is to live minimally over on her blog Hippie in Disguise, and it’s well worth a read.

October monthly round up on the Geoffrey & Grace blog
All in all, October felt like a month for starting a fresh; shedding the old and trying to look forward with positive eyes. The beginning of the month saw our vintage jumble, and with it, the first steps towards living with less stuff, and last weeks personal post felt like a positive step in the right direction towards living in a healthier and happier way. I definiltely am starting to feel lighter. Thank you to all who commented, either on the blog or on social networks. It has made it so much easier, knowing that others have similar stories to share.

Let’s see what November holds…


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  • Lovely post Melanie, so nice to learn what inspires you, and that we share so much in common. I, too, am completely inspired by Merrilee’s work and always have the Bee Eco family on my mind. xo

    • geoffreyandgrace

      Thank you Danielle x