Monthly Voice: June

Monthly Voice June on Geoffrey & Grace

June, what a funny month you have been. Summer disappeared and the referendum happened. Definitely a month of two halves; the first filled with lovely things and sunshine, the second full of heavy skies, thunder storms, a general angsty feeling with the approaching full moon, and capped off with Britain leaving Europe!

The Monthly voice for June is therefore a bit of a mixed bag. I have been trying to grab the happy with both hands when it’s there, and only think about the much weightier stuff when it’s absolutely necessary. It’s not that I am trying to ignore anything, but I also can’t let all that is happening consume me.

This is what our little world looked liked for the month of June.

Monthly Voice June on Geoffrey & Grace

At the beginning of the month I had a lovely day up in London where I got to catch up with some of my favourite people. I attended the Cath Kidston press day, and got a glimpse at their Autumn Winter collection. It’s always slightly odd looking at Christmas stuff in July, but the rest of the collection has some beautiful pieces in it, and there are some lovely little girls dresses and knits.

Afterwards, I went to the 91 Magazine Launch party that was being held at Anthropologie on the Kings Road. It was such great fun to meet some of the other contributors, and to celebrate the first print edition. I don’t often get to go to an event like this, and it was a bit of a treat to have an evening off bedtime duties.

Monthly Voice June on Geoffrey & Grace

I mentioned in the ‘Monthly Voice May’ that summer had arrived, well I must have jinxed it because it’s done nothing but rain since. Really hoping the sunshine comes back soon.

Monthly Voice June on Geoffrey & Grace

There is a really odd atmosphere here in Britain at the moment as people try to wrap their heads around what has happened with the referendum, and what it means for them and their families. I can’t remember there being such a politically uncertain juncture, not in my lifetime anyway.

There is a wonderful project that has been initiated by The Royal Court in response to the referendum, ‘More In Common’. They explain it as “An invitation to fortify each other through these days of change. We’ve created an immediate, inclusive, non-border space for everyone to share their reactions.” Anyone can submit, and you can share short plays, prose, quotes, songs, pictures or videos. There is of course a hashtag #moreincommon and you can read more and submit something here.

I think this project is brilliant as it empowers everyone to have a voice and express how they are feeling. Keeping things bottled up never helped anyone, and there seems to be so much frustration, anger, and sadness surrounding what happened.

Monthly Voice June on Geoffrey & Grace

If you want to forget about it all, and cocoon yourself in a lovely audio bubble, then you should ‘listen again’ to Lou Rhodes sitting in for Guy Garvey on 6 Music. She played such a wonderful selection of music, some familiar, and some completely new to me. I particularly loved hearing a few tracks of really early Nick Drake where he sang with his sister Gabrielle. ‘Listen again’ here, and don’t take too long, as I think one of the shows is only available on the iPlayer for another 5 days.

Monthly Voice June on Geoffrey & Grace

We have been watching these caterpillars getting bigger and bigger and now they have changed into Chrysalises. Bailey is so very excited to see them turn into butterflies. We have transferred them into a big sealed net so they have plenty of space to complete their transition, and then we will of course release them into the garden. I will write more about this next week, as we have been out to buy lots of butterfly friendly plants, and I can’t wait to tell you all about the ‘Big Butterfly Count’.

Monthly Voice June on Geoffrey & Grace

Finally Wildling Magazine Issue five is out now. I am absolutely thrilled to have written a piece and taken some photographs for this beautiful publication. You can buy your digital copy here. It’s well worth a read as it’s full of inspiring pieces and wonderful photography… something for the weekend maybe 🙂

Here’s to a calm and sunny July.



Top picture Bailey and I both wear clothes by Muny.


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