monthly voice: January

monthly voice: January on Geoffrey & Grace

Oh my, how January has flown by! I can’t believe I am here with the ‘monthly voice: January’ already. Here’s what’s been keeping us busy and what’s inspired me this last month…

It’s been a musical month, as we bought Bailey a ukulele for christmas, which she picks up lots, strums, and signs along to. I think she will need a few lessons soon, just so she has some basic skills, like how to hold it properly. We have of course shown her, but I find she pays more attention if the instructions come from a designated teacher.

January is often made up of lots of planning and thinking about the year ahead. We had our first Margot meeting of the year, and there are lots of changes afoot (more about that soon). Our January has also been filled with plumbers, electricians, and with us half-ripping our kitchen out. We are currently in a weird kitchen limbo, where our old kitchen sink is just about still working whilst propped up on a piece of wood. Some of my January has therefore been devoted to looking for the perfect kitchen taps… the search goes on.
monthly voice: January on Geoffrey & Grace

It has been a novelty to know the time of day without having to look at my phone. I can’t remember the last time I wore a watch… it’s been years. Thanks to the good people at Jord, I now have this incredibly beautiful wooden watch to wear on my wrist. Do have a look at the other designs they do, although the one pictured above is my favourite.

monthly voice: January on Geoffrey & Grace

I loved reading this piece in The Pool about ‘How massive jumpers became a mainstay of the smart woman’s wardrobe’.

monthly voice: January on Geoffrey & Grace

Bailey has loved reading the book ‘Who’s Hiding’ by Satoru Onishi. We have read it every night for the last three weeks. To begin with the fun was finding “who’s hiding”, but now she’s seeing how quickly she can find them, and is pointing to the animal with the speed of a ninja. If you don’t know the book, it’s a great book for developing their observation skills, as you’re not just guessing who’s hiding, but who’s angry, or who’s sad. Also it’s a great book for memory – hours of fun.

monthly voice: January on Geoffrey & Grace

It’s rained a lot here, so when it’s been dry we’ve been outside like a shot, making the most of those blue skies. We found an incredibly big birds nest that had fallen from a tree outside our home….

monthly voice: January on Geoffrey & Grace

I still have my fingers crossed that we’ll get a sprinkling of white stuff in February. We didn’t see any at all last year, so I would really like to have at least a few days where everything is covered in snow. Even a little dusting is enough to transform our surroundings, and I know a little someone who would like enough to play in. Bailey is a February baby and I can remember as clear as if it were yesterday, that when we left the hospital to bring her home we were greeted by a flurry of cool white snowflakes. Let’s hope it visits us this February.

monthly voice: January on Geoffrey & Grace

It won’t be a surprise that I have listened to a lot of David Bowie, in the last few weeks. There was such a tidal wave of grief here in the UK, after his death was announced, and it was touching to hear the various interviews with him and learn more about this humble man who was fuelled by music and creativity.

I think about a world to come

Where the books were found

by the Golden ones

Written in pain, written in awe

By a puzzled man who questioned

What we were here for

All the strangers came today

And it looks as though they’re here to stay

~ David Bowie, from ‘oh you pretty things’.

Lyrics and music are a constant source of inspiration for me which is why I really loved reading this piece on Me & Orla ‘quotes for my daughter: Ani Difranco’. The post is a collection of Ani Difranco lyrics. It was lovely to be reminded of some, as it’s been a while since her melodies have kept me company. There is something so skilful and incredibly beautiful in how a songwriter can convey a feeling and thought in a simple line or two; poetry paired with music can be the most powerful thing.

monthly voice: January on Geoffrey & Grace

This last week of January has been filled with birthday thoughts, as I can not believe it but my little one will be turning four next week..! We’ve been thinking about having a little party, and Bailey has decided she wants a cat cake. Might be doing a spot of baking this weekend.

Hope 2016 is treating you well so far. Here’s to a love-filled February.


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