vintage baby knits

hand knitted vintage baby cardy by Grandma Peggy

I am a sucker for a hand knitted baby cardigan. There is something about them that is just so adorable. My Grandma Peggy was a fantastic knitter. Thankfully she lived to a grand old age and was able to meet Bailey, and knit her some lovely things. She also knitted for my sister, my brother and me when we were little. Clever old mum and her hoarding ways meant that Bailey has been able to wear bits that I wore when I was a baby. It makes my heart happy to see her in stuff knitted by my Grandma, that my Mum hung on to. It creates a family connection, and I will in turn squirrel it away for future generations.

I also pick up a lot of my knitted wears for Bailey in Charity Shops. Things that other grannies and clever ladies have knitted, and are generous enough to donate. I am always amazed when they are only priced at a pound or two. I wish I had the patience to knit, but sewing satisfyingly comes together more quickly. I did knit Bailey a scarf for Christmas, but knitting straight lines is as far as my skill level goes currently.

Some of you may have read my post last week on vintage baby dresses, well the cardies have had a sort out too, and here are the ones that Bailey is rapidly outgrowing. So long lovely knitwear, you did a great job of keeping Bailey warm, and looking cute to boot – you will be sadly missed.

hand knitted vintage baby cardy by Grandma Peggyhand knitted vintage baby cardy by Grandma Peggyhand knitted baby cardyhand knitted vintage baby cardyhand knitted vintage baby cardy hand knitted vintage baby cardy hand knitted baby cardy

The yellow cardy was one of Grandma Peggy’s knits and Bailey grew out of it ages ago, but I simply had to share it with you. It is far too lovely to be hidden away, and proudly hangs in her bedroom for us to enjoy on a daily basis.

The others were all charity shops finds apart from the little waistcoat, which a good friend kindly gave us.

I have always been secretly envious of her cardy with cat-buttons and have made it a goal to get myself a cat-button cardy. We all need something to aim for.



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