reflecting on 2015

reflecting on 2015 on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

It’s taken me a little longer to get round to reflecting on 2015 than I thought it might. This is partly due to being distracted with plans for restoring our home, but more on that later.

2015 was a year to let the dust settle on all the changes that happened in 2014. The year didn’t quite pan out like I expected, (when does it ever though?) and I found myself discovering new priorities and a new focus.

Here’s a look at what 2015 looked like for Geoffrey & Grace…

designer makes - 91 magazine - decorate with doilies

This time last year I was thrilled to have ‘crafts for winter days – decorate with doilies’ published in 91 magazine.

I was also starting out ‘life as a new maker’ with the summer, and accompanying art trail to look forward to at Margot.

In February ‘Bailey turned 3‘, and I was invited to join in with Laura Ashley and Styling the Seasons, for a little early springtime competition with ‘tea for two’.

tea for two - February Styling the Seasons

There was a real shift for me during Spring last year, and looking back and reflecting on 2015, I can now see that it all started by attending the ‘5ftinf workshop‘ in March. Little seeds of creativity were planted during that inspiring day, that would continue to shoot up throughout the year. It was the beginning of me realising how much I love photography and styling, and how much they both drive my creativity. I shared some thoughts about ‘why I take photographs’, and alongside these discoveries my Instagram following started to grow.

5ftinf workshop on Geoffrey & Grace

I also kept returning to the same thoughts about ‘what it means to be brave and vulnerable’, and how both of these qualities are inextricably linked to being creative. One word kept surfacing that I felt summed up what I wanted from my life, and also for this blog space; ‘wholehearted’, and so began the beginnings of Geoffrey & Grace being a space for ‘wholehearted and creative living‘.

Gyan Mudra on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

At the end of May I attended ‘Sisterhood Camp 2015‘, which was a dream of a weekend spent with like-minded, creative souls in a beautiful part of Devon.

Sisterhood Camp 2015 - image by Melanie Barnes from Geoffrey & Grace

Early June saw Margot being shortlisted for a Mollie Makes Handmade Award, where we got to attend a jam-packed day of workshops in London. This included one of the most nerve-wracking things of the year for me, which was presenting to an inspiring panel of judges. I found myself having to talk about Margot and why we thought we should win the collaborative award. Just thinking about it makes my palms a bit sweaty.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, the week then ended with me attending Blogtacular.

being present and making it count on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

April, May and early June had been so busy, that it forced me to think about ‘being present and making it count’, and then a ‘summer of slow living’ was in order.

Geoffrey & Grace my summer of slow living
In late summer I started the slow living project with Danielle, and was also ‘thrilled to be featured in The Simple Things Magazine‘.

Geoffrey & Grace in The simple Things Magazine

Slowing down over the summer made me re-evaluate some things, and I wrote about ‘finding comfort when life gets hard’. We also started the very long task of simplifying and sorting out all our stuff, in a quest to live a simpler life; ‘living minimally via a vintage jumble’.

inspiration for when life gets hard on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

At the end of September I was invited to attend the Good Life Festival, and I was also thrilled to run a competition for them on the blog. September also saw me collaborate with Petite Bateau.

on the Geoffrey & Grace blog - time on the beach is good for the soul

Along with a lovely group of bloggers, I hosted a vintage jumble at the beginning of October, which was such a wonderful day. I also took part in ‘Wool Week‘ in collaboration with Urbanara – so much fun.

By the end of October I’d managed to muster up the courage to share how I am ‘longing to be a mother again’. Posting this was so helpful, and although it hasn’t magically fixed everything, I have been contacted by so many lovely women, sharing similar stories and offering advice and support. That in itself means so much to me, but also the very act of sharing it has shifted something within me, I am no longer shutting down and disconnecting myself, as I was doing before.

Finally, I also started a new series on the blog… ‘the monthly voice’.

wool week in collaboration with Urbanara
It took me most of the year to get there, but I am proud of the journey that happened for me last year, I found more courage within myself than I thought there was. It was a year that saw my confidence grow, and me actually beginning to believe in myself, and my abilities.

All of this has been in a different direction than anticipated, but I believe you have to roll with inspiration and follow where your heart leads, even if it’s not where your head thought you might end up.

By reflecting on 2015, I realised that I finally feel like I have a place to belong to – that I have found my creative home. Through this blog, and by following my creativity, I have made great friendships that I truly cherish.

Thanks so much for reading, and being part of this wholehearted and creative space. It’s easy to write that it “means so much to me”, but it really does. I will be back soon with an update on Margot and some plans for the coming year. Here’s to a happy fulfilled 2016 for all of us.




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