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Hello and what a lovely break we had last week in Wales. Our holiday concluded with some brilliant outdoor fun at The Good Life Experience, but more on that another day.

Today I wanted to share a few thoughts on living minimally and let you know about a Vintage Jumble that is happening on Sunday October the 4th in Lindfield West Sussex. It’s not as random as it sounds, as these two things are very much related.

Before the summer I spent a lovely day mooching around Hastings as part of Ruth’s Gathered Cheer events. There was talk of organising a vintage jumble sale, where we could sell any of our unwanted props and bits and pieces we had collected over time.

This was such good timing for me as I had just started to de-clutter and sort through our belongings after our move.  On top of this, after my summer of slow living, something I have been thinking about more is how ‘slow living’ will effect our house and the things we have in it.

With this in mind I have been reading a bit about what it is to live minimally. I have quite split thoughts on this, as while I can understand the appeal, I also like to collect vintage bits and pieces, and as you can imagine I have a tonne of vintage fabric.

I’m naturally drawn to homes that look lived in, where you can see a resonance of the people that live there. Just by observing the things they have chosen to have around them, you can detect things about a persons character and life. It makes sense though that the less stuff you have, the less stuff you have to move, sort through, and clean. But with less things in the room, can you get a feel for those that inhabit it, and is it harder to create that untangible sense of ‘home’?

I am just at the beginning of thinking about what it means to my family and me, and which bits will work for us and the way we want to live. That great phrase “quality over quantity” comes into play again – and I think for me it will be about keeping the really lovely bits and pieces I have (that are non essential) in order to give them space to shine.

I have spent some of the summer sorting through things, and above are a few items that will be for sale at the Vintage Jumble. Plus there will be quite a bit of vintage fabric that I am letting go of too.

I have to have steeled determination before a sorting session, otherwise sentimentality sweeps over me and I want to hang onto lots of stuff.

The jumble will be on Sunday October 4th 1.30-4.30pm at the King Edward Hall in Lindfield (24 High Street, Lindfield, West Sussex RH16 2HH), and we are going to be in the main Newcombe Hall.

I have joined forces with Heather, Jeska, Katy, Karen and Sarah-Lou, to organise the afternoon. There will be vintage home-ware, props, small bits of furniture, vintage fabric, and some plants and flowers.  A small selection of handmade items from Margot will make an appearance too. There will also be tea and cake for sale by the brilliant Petal and Feast, to fuel us all though the afternoon of browsing and chatting.

Here is a list of stall holders (and us organisers will all have stalls too):

– Hannah of Petal & Feast (for tea, cakes and savoury snacks)

– Sophie of Geo-Fleur (for plants and planters)

– Laura of Dirty Pretty Vintage

– Emily of Makelight blog

– Ruth of Gathered Cheer blog

– Amalia of These Small Finds blog

– Hannah of Seeds and Stitches blog

– Jessica of The Cabinet Maker’s Tale blog (handmade peg rails)

– Tori @stylingmesimple on Instagram

– Fran @franreeves (handmade ceramics)

– Donna of Fabulous Flora blog (for flowers in vintage containers)

– Zoe of Beautiful Simplicity blog

– Michelle of @michelle.foundcountryantiques

– Renie @agraylife and Eloise @eloisestyle

– Eva, Linda and Bianca

Hope to see lots of you there.


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