homemade raspberry & peach popsicles

homemade raspberry & peach popsicles on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

Am wanting to share this homemade raspberry & peach popsicles recipe with you today. We have had so many raspberries from the garden, more than I know what to do with, and I have been searching to find snacks for Bailey that are on the healthy side. These popsicles are perfect because they are basically just fruit and will use up some of our raspberries.

When we bought this house, we knew the garden needed a lot of work, but somehow we had missed the fact that there were raspberry plants already established. It sure has been a lovely treat this summer to be able to pop out the back door and simply pick some fruit.

homemade raspberry & peach popsicles on the Geoffrey & Grace blog
I don’t know about in your house, but Bailey being 3 and a bit has cottoned on to the fact that ‘treats’ exist. It can be a daily conversation we have when Bailey will say “can I have a treat today mummy” (making sure she has her sweetest manner about her), whilst I then go on to explain that treats, by their very definition, aren’t something we have every day.

Like most mums I am conscious about how much sugar she has, and like her to have as little as possible. Until recently this was relatively easy to do, but now she is more aware of the world around her and the existence of sweets, it gets harder to control. Especially when every birthday party we go to is a little haven for cake, sweets and chocolate. I often find I am that mummy saying “no you can’t”, which doesn’t feel that great even though it is for very good reasons.

homemade raspberry & peach popsicles on the Geoffrey & Grace blog
Driven by my want to find “treats” that are low in glucose, and an abundance of raspberries I adapted the following recipe. Bailey loves the popsicles and the best thing is I know exactly what’s in them – all natural ingredients – and they were super easy to make.

Below are the instructions… just in time for the summer holidays.

This is what you will need

some raspberries

5 peaches

coconut water

1 lemon


wooden lolly sticks

disposable cups

homemade raspberry & peach popsicles on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

This is how to do it

Peel the peaches and put the flesh into your blender making sure to remove the pits

Add a cup of coconut water, a table spoon of lemon juice, and a table spoon of honey

Then blend

I then tasted my mixture to see if it needed, more coconut water, honey or lemon juice

When the mixture is good, pour it into a jug

Then wash and add the raspberries to the blender, just pulse them so they are a bit lumpy still

Take your plastic disposable cups and add some of the peach mixture, then add a tablespoon of the raspberry mixture, then add more peach, and then another table spoon or so of the raspberries

Put the sticks in the cups and then add to the freezer

Here are some tips

Remember the peach mixture makes up the bulk of your lolly, so make sure you have enough liquid to make the number of lollies you want

When putting the wooden lolly sticks in they might not stand up perfectly straight.. all you have to do is go back the freezer after a few minutes when the lolly mixture has firmed a little and you can straighten them out, do this as many times as you need

homemade raspberry & peach popsicles on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

Enjoy. Would love to know if you have a go at making any.



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