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It’s that time of year when it’s almost time to wave good-bye to Summer and greet Autumn with open arms. If you are not quite ready to let go of those long summer days just yet, then the fact that you could win tickets to a fantastic festival may cheer you up.

In this house we are very much trying to hold onto that slower rhythm we have found this Summer. We have had a taste of the good life, and we like it. Luckily for us though, we get to sit with this ‘Summer feeling’ for a little bit longer, as we are off to The Good Life Experience in 3 weeks time. A family holiday and fun at a festival is a pretty good way to extend the Summer if you ask me.

The three of us are super excited, as our weekend will be packed full of music, the great outdoors, good friends, lovely food, and a whole heap of fun things to discover and do.

I am particularly looking forward to being introduced to some new bands, the vintage market, doing a yoga class or two, and Cerys Matthews leading some campfire sing-a-longs. The three year old was very bouncy when I mentioned the vintage fairground, the children’s cafe (run only by children, strictly no adults allowed) and the prospect of sleeping in a sleeping bag. My husband was a little bouncy when I told him that the Saturday night headliners were Public Service Broadcasting.

If you are reading this thinking how fantastic that all sounds, and that you too would like to be extending your Summer vibes, lucky for you that I am running this little giveaway.

To win 2 tickets to the The Good Life Experience – including all the fun stuff above and more – all you have to do is leave a comment below describing what ‘the good life’ means to you and follow @geoffreyngrace and @TheGoodLifeExp on twitter (if you don’t already). Simple, right!?

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Competition details

The prize is 2 x adult tickets plus camping for The Good Life Experience.

The festival is on the 18th – 19th – 20th of September 2015 at the Gladstones’ Farm just inside North Wales. For further details about The Good Life Experience, and all the great stuff that is happening, have a look at their site.

The competition is open from today (Tuesday the 1st of September 2015) until Monday the 7th of September 2015 at 11.59pm.

Please don’t forget to leave your twitter handle at the end of your comment.

Good luck and maybe I’ll see you there.


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  • Rida Suleri-Johnson

    The good life to me is time well spent with those you love; taking a step back from the hum drum and engrossing yourself in whatever moment you happen to be in.
    If those involve music, food, crafts and time spent outdoors! Well all the better! 🙂 xx

  • The Good Life: it is happening upon a stand of blackberries and a forgotten apple tree in the wood behind out house, legging it back for baskets and bowls, filling them with fruit and bringing them home to make a foragers’ crumble. It is taking things slowly: pyjama days, afternoons sitting in the garden watching butterflies, dawdling and cartwheeling at the Botanic gardens. It is picnicking in a den we made under the dining room table when it poured with rain yesterday, planning the purchase of a fire basket and spending whole days in my shed lolling about eating cake. It is not frenetic or pressured, it is gentle and subtle. Whittling, crochet, baking and bug hunting are all part of it, as is noticing and marking the seasons as they shift. It is stopping to look back at the way our grandparents used to live,eat and interact with the land. It is slow living, spontaneity, savouring moments that we happen upon and trying not to say ‘we don’t have time’. It brings that good feeling when a day has been simple yet fulfilling.

    Twitter: @silverpebble

  • The Good Life to me is wearing wellies, walking across a muddy field and coming home to a lunch made of homegrown ingredients! Carrots, parsnips and other veg from the allotment and perhaps a nice pint of bitter by the fire.

    • The Good Life doesn’t generally involve technology, so hence I forgot my Twitter handle! It’s @magatha28

      Off round to the Leadbetters now for drinks!

  • Looking forward to seeing you there, can’t wait!

    • geoffreyandgrace

      Yes, can’t wait too Hannah. Really looking forward to our little ones playing again also x

  • Tiff Jordan

    The Good Life means to me… sharing giggles and card games with my hubby and kids, sharing memories and a table full of cakes and tea with the grandparents, sharing a campfire with other marshmallow-toasting campers! Life is good…

    • Tiff Jordan

      Forgot to add my Twitter handle- @clairesanstete -thanks! Tiff.

  • Katie Taffinder

    Sharing my life with hubby and family, eating good food from our allotment. Sharing my passion as a holistic therapist and just loving my fabulous home in Wales @katietaffy

  • Bonnie Williams

    The goodlife to me is making the most of time with family and friends, enjoying good natural food and spending lots of time in the great outdoors. The goodlife experience is just down the road from me I’d love to take my family, sounds like there is something for us all!i was a huge catatonia fan growing up so would be great to be at a festival curated by Cerys Matthews. @stawberrybonbon

  • The Good Life for me means slowing down, sharing food and fun times with family and friends, and having the time, space and energy for learning new skills. There’s nothing like waking up early under canvas with my sweet family by my side, making bacon sandwiches and coffee on our camping stove, and then launching ourselves out into nature for a day of exploring…my favourite bit of a day like that is ending it snuggled under quilts round the campfire, looking up at the stars.
    Rachel x

  • To me, The slow life means being mindful. I love when I can wake up, have my coffee, lay in bed all morning… But that isn’t always realistic. So to make each part of your day a little meditation … Even when you’re rushing around… Is what slow living means to me. ???? @ingriditta

  • And by slow living, I meant the good life!! Haha my brain is playing tricks on me!

  • The good life for me is spending time with my family. The four of us escaping our suburban house with all the technology inside and heading off into the woods to find blackberries, dens and sticks to play with and searching for magic and faeries. It’s all about being in the here and now and leading a simple and fulfilled life.


  • helen p

    it means a detox from everything in our ordinary lives (bad, bad life!). once we’ve had a detox, we can combine the two (hopefully) to make a sort of ‘medium life’ which is just about tolerable. deary me, but am i rambling!!

  • helen p

    whoops! forgot my twitter handle @ottersot

  • Jamie

    Waking up on a cold crisp morning in the tent. Seeing my breath, knowing I’m going to open the front and be hit with the most amazing mixtures of smells! Fresh pine, wet grass with slight frost. Seeing the way it shines in the early sun. Climbing out of the tent wearing my baggy jumper and getting a cup of coffee going over the fire. Filter fresh coffee, straight into our tin mugs, offering one hand out to my girlfriend as she clambers out of the tent still wrapped in the sleeping bag; hopping towards the chair, hair a mess. But still looks beautiful as per usual. Starting the morning facing out towards the big open space. Taking in nature in its purest. Breathing in deep and filing my lungs with that cold air and realising that all the small things that cause us bother back in the ‘real world’ don’t mean anything here. Being at peace, enjoying my kick ass coffee, with good company.

    That’s the good life for me..


  • geoffreyandgrace

    Thank you so much for all your entries 🙂 So lovely to read what the ‘good life’ means to you all. This competition is now closed and we will be picking a winner shortly. Good luck. Melanie

    • Jamie

      Hi guys,

      Any news on who’s won?

      • geoffreyandgrace

        Hello Jamie
        Yes, the winner was contacted today, and I was just waiting to hear back. Will post the details now. Thanks so much for entering, I loved reading what the ‘good life’ means to you 🙂

  • geoffreyandgrace

    Congratulations to the winner Emma. Thanks again to all who entered.

    • Tiff Jordan

      Congratulations Emma!

  • Thanks all for entering 🙂