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I’m really excited to introduce you to a new series that I am starting on the blog today. Nature has always been a big inspiration to me, so I wanted to look at this in more depth, and talk to some folk that hold nature at the centre of their way of life. I’m thrilled to have some great people lined up that are so inspired by nature, that it shapes their work life, and the way they choose to live with their families.

I’m particularly interested in whether nature helps us slow down and supports a slow living lifestyle. I wanted to get some other peoples thoughts on whether working with nature helps them live in a more mindful and wholehearted way.

First up we have a lady who lives in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, the island of Nantucket. She is surrounded by nature at its best, and the landscape around her informs what she does. She grows and wild-harvest’s many of the ingredients for her produce, and focuses on farm to table pantry items, wellness products, and also offers a Chef Service. I am delighted to introduce you to Kaity from Fare Isle.

Kaity lives with her husband, Jacob and her four year old son, Iley. They make culinary provisions, teas, herbs, and have created a botanical skin care range ‘Vital’. Products are made in small batches and if they can’t grow or find something locally, then they source it from organic sustainable suppliers. Kaity shares beautiful pictures of her life and work over on Instagram, and sometimes she takes a photo of something she has cooked for a client as part of their Chef Service, and the food always looks incredible.

I wanted to find out from Kaity exactly how nature inspires her…

How does nature impact the way you choose to live with your family?

“We care very much about our planet and try our best to live sustainably. Our health and well-being are the driving factors in how we live our lives, and hopefully our choices reflect positively towards the health and well-being of the planet. We garden, keep bees, eat local and organic foods, and make our meals from scratch. My husband does not drive, but rather cycles everywhere (Nantucket is very bicycle-friendly, thankfully!).  We like to be outside as much as possible…walking in the woods or the beach usually. We are lucky to live in a place with an abundance of breathtaking nature, and definitely do not take it for granted.”

What have you learnt from nature?

“One of natures most important lessons to me is seeing the beauty in simplicity. A drop of water on a leaf, the smell of salt water, the feeling of wind in your hair and sunshine on your face. All of these things are so simple, but so divine and so beautiful. In my own life I’ve tried to slow down and simplify daily routines and things. My life and my thoughts tend to flow better when I focus on simplifying tasks and decluttering spaces.”

What are your thoughts on whether working with nature helps you slow down and live in a more mindful and wholehearted way?

“I work from home and I think, for me anyway, conscious choices naturally flow between my home-life and work-life. I’ve chosen this path in life consciously and am driven by nature in a way, so at the heart of every choice I make, be it in my work or family life or in my self-care is the weight of its consequence on nature. I feel like a work in progress, and definitely have a ways to go. I aspire to have a zero-waste household and business, which is easier said than done, especially with packaging and shipping. Overall I think nature plays an important role in staying mindful and conscious in our daily lives.”

Finally, can you tell me about about your favourite season?

“Younger me loved Spring best. I loved (and still do) the return of warmth and lush green grass, wild flowers and birdsong. But since living on Nantucket, which has a very slow-to-start, and cold and windy spring, I’ve fallen in love with Autumn here. Fall days here are usually mild, and although we don’t get the vibrant foliage New England is known for, we do get beautiful beaches all to ourselves, weathered sea grasses, and bright sunny days. I kinda really love the deliciousness of fall too… apple pies, pumpkin everything, and chai lattes, to name a few.”

I’ll be back with Kaity later in the week to share one of her favourite seasonal recipes. In the meantime hop over to the Fare Isle shop and the blog to find out more.

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