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house restoration - kitchen inspiration on Geoffrey & Grace
We have, at last, started to renovate and restore our Victorian home. In the last week we have had plumbers and electricians come and go as we take the initial steps into creating a living space that works for our family.

I’d forgotten how much time it took to find good workmen, and schedule them in. Also how some work creates an amazing amount of dust! It’s hard to keep it contained, and the dust just manages to drift throughout the house, meaning it can take days to clean up properly.

We are planning to restore this building in a sympathetic way, keeping as much of the original building and fittings as possible.

There are several areas that we are focusing on this year, but currently, at the forefront of our mind is the kitchen, which is why I am here today sharing some kitchen inspiration…

Eventually we plan to quite drastically open up the back of the house on to the garden, which is made up of a breakfast room, small kitchen, larder, and downstairs toilet. This will be a very big job though, and one that we are not yet able to undertake.

The kitchen in the meantime is not very easy to work in; there are hardly any surfaces, which tend to get quickly covered with dirty plates and pans. We are without a dishwasher, which would make everyday living so much easier. Storage, space, and organisation are all an issue, so I am trying to tackle these challenges, whilst not compromising on the style and look of kitchen that we want. This simple butchers block from ikea would fit really nicely into an awkward space and provide an extra surface.

house restoration - kitchen inspiration on Geoffrey & Grace

Rather than live with a difficult kitchen for the next 3-5 years (or possibly longer), we thought it would make good sense to do a little spruce up now. The plan is to get the kitchen as close to ideal as possible, with the limiting factors there are in place. I am hoping a large dose of creative thinking will make a big difference to the space, and also our day to day living.

I have been on the hunt for items that will help with organisation, and make things easy to access, so things are just where we need them to be. Really loving this knife rack from Peg & Awl.

house restoration - kitchen inspiration on Geoffrey & Grace

I am also, where possible, trying to buy with the long-term in mind. When looking for the larger investment pieces (like a sink and taps – see image two), the plan is when we are finally able to re-do the kitchen, these key pieces can move on with us, and we won’t have to buy new things again. I am always an advocate of buying better quality products that will last a lifetime, rather than having to replace things because you have worn them out, or simply gone off them.

As of last week we have our reclaimed butlers sink in place, working but with our old taps taped to the back of it temporarily whilst we sort out taps and a worktop. Yesterday we received delivery of our dishwasher, which my husband and I are both more excited about than we should be. Even with these changes the kitchen is still very much a work in progress. When we are nearer to being finished I will share some pictures of the space, and what we have done. In the meantime I hope that looking at this kitchen inspiration gives you an idea of the simple rustic room we hope to create. I’m already looking forward to being able to cook for friends with ease.

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kitchen inspiration image source

1. clockwise from top left
Salvaged Old Ceramic Garden Trough Sinks from English SalvageGeorgian Elm Potboard Dresser from Antique AtlasRanarp wall clamp / spotlight from IkeaBitra Hook Rail from Rowen & WrenLight Walnut Faceted Scoop from Hope in the Woods

2. clockwise from top left
Perrin & Rowe Ionian Mixer Taps from deVOL KitchensBekvam Kitchen Trolley from Ikea, Storage Jar from Oggetto HomeSandwich Plates from Peg and Awl, Alka Copper Finish Dish Drainer from Habitat,

3. clockwise from top left
Mess Hall Knife Rack from Peg and Awl, Roller Towel Holder from Labour and Wait14cm Copper Saucepan from Falk CulinairBrown Area Rug by Nkuku from Wayfair, Weck Storage Jars from Remodelista




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