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CL_RachelleBlondel via Pinterest

I was here earlier in the week telling you all about how March is to be a month of making. I also mentioned that my current workspace and sewing room is a bit of a mess.

Now I am all for a space that you make and create in being a bit messy – it’s a beautiful mess right? It does however have to be balanced with some organisation, otherwise my brain starts to feel a little chaotic, like the space around me.

Well I have been having a think about what my dream workspace would look like, and here are a few things that my ideal sewing room would have….

CL_RachelleBlondel via Pinterest

1. I would love a high table for pattern cutting and cutting out fabric (like the one pictured above) as a table that is too low just makes your back ache.

2. There needs to be good lighting, so I can see to sew all those stitches, especially if I am doing some moonlight sewing.

3. A comfy chair to sit in, that is also easy on the eye.

4. I need lots of containers (pretty ones are a must) for storing all those buttons, notions, and sewing paraphernalia I have accumulated.

It is not a big room, so I need to be clever with the space that I do have – like make things multi functional, and I really should take advantage of the vertical wall space.

dansun petit village blog via pinterest

I want to dedicate one of the walls (the space in front of my desk) to be a giant mood-board, with inspirational images and quotes. I already use that space for organisation, making lists and planning, I just need to prettify it.

Ariele Alasko Brooklyn studio

Here you can see some sewing rooms and work spaces that I having being lusting after on Pinterest. To see more inspirational studios, head over to my Pinterest board. Also I am rather new to Pinterest – a bit late to the party I know – but I am rapidly getting addicted and think it is brilliant for seeking out inspiration. Would love it if you could pop over and click on the follow button. Many thanks.


All of the above images were found on Pinterest. Image 1 & 2 are of Rachelle Blondell’s work room as featured in Country Living Magazine, photographs taken by Catherine Gratwicke Photography. The third image is from a lovely French blog, Dans un petit village. The last image is of Ariele Alasko’s studio in Brooklyn as featured on Design Sponge.



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