styling the seasons October – celebrating Autumn

styling the seasons - celebrating autumn

The end of September and the beginning of October is very much a time of transition and change. Autumn has arrived with its shorter days and cool, crisp skies, but the warmth of the Summer sun still returns intermittently to remind us of the Summer just gone.

The last weeks of September saw the Autumn Equinox here in England, and the harvest moon, and since then we have moved deeper into Autumn with every passing day. My mittens have made it out of my pockets and before we know it Winter will be upon us.

styling the seasons - celebrating autumn

Every year with out fail, the seasons transforms seamlessly into one another – constantly revolving and moving us forward through time. Even though I love Autumn, I always feel a little unprepared at this time of year. There is something about shifting from Summer into Autumn that I find a little jarring. Maybe it’s just that Winter is looming coldly on the horizon.

styling the seasons - celebrating autumnstyling the seasons - celebrating autumn

Even so, it’s good to acknowledge and celebrate the change of the season. To note the things that make Autumn different to Winter, and different to Spring. After all, it’s what gives shape and meaning to the passage of time. By making the most of what each season has to offer, and by celebrating the things that are present within nature, we can live more in tune with the world around us.

styling the seasons - celebrating autumn

This is my little ode to Autumn. The mantel in our front room became the space where we placed our found and gathered bits of nature, which we have collected over the last few weeks. I also wanted to make an Autumnal garland to hang over our fireplace. Bailey loved helping me collect the leaves, and she can’t go past a pine cone without picking it up – we have a big bowl full, so if you have any suggestions of something creative we can do with them, please let me know.

styling the seasons - celebrating autumnstyling the seasons - celebrating autumnstyling the seasons - celebrating autumn

Styling the Seasons is a monthly project created by Katy and Charlotte. Anyone can join in, and you can find more details here.

Would love to know what Autumn means to you? Are you a fan, or does another season have your heart?


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  • So often we skip autumn and move into dank rainy days, chills and blustery winds here so this year its been an absolute joy to have some crisp sunny autumn days…considering we skipped summer its been a tonic to the soul. Love the styling beautiful xx

    • geoffreyandgrace

      Thank you Rachelle. Yes I too felt a bit cheated by Summer so a sun filled Autumn seems only fair. Let’s hope it continues for a little longer. x

  • Such a cosy post Melanie. I really love the how you have used the leaves to make a garland. X

    • geoffreyandgrace

      Thank you Charlotte, it was really very simple to do 🙂

  • This reads like a poem – such beautiful words; almost mesmerising. It’s so interesting hearing so many people speak about how difficult they find the transition between summer and autumn and their fear of winter as I have always really looked forward to it. I find something about autumn and winter so comforting. Anyhow, a beautiful mantle and that leaf garland is too sweet! xx

    • geoffreyandgrace

      Thank you Katy for your kind words. There’s lots to love about this time of year, Bonfire night is a particular favourite. I think it’s just the thought of a cold Winter, actually when it’s here it’s fine . xx

  • I love the decorations, it looks so cosy! I love the colours of Autumn- there are so many great things about the season that people overlook. xx Sophie /

    • geoffreyandgrace

      Thanks Sophie, yes, am also a big fan of Autumn colours 🙂

  • I adore your display and the retro colours are beautiful. I’d like to see more of your fire place – I had a similar one in my student room at university. Have a great weekend!