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nature walk on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

We went on a little nature walk at the weekend.

You don’t have to be in the middle of the countryside to find beautiful bits of nature. We live in a seaside town, and collected this basket full just from walking around our neighbourhood. Nature is always there, trying to live alongside us. I think sometimes we fall into the habit of getting tunnel vision, when you’re just walking around the same streets day after day, you forget to open your eyes and see what’s in front of you.

We found a tree with beautiful berries on. Bailey gathered the fallen berries off the floor, and I picked some from the tree itself. As I was collecting, I felt very thankful for the little red jewels that the tree was giving us, so I whispered “thank you tree for the berries”. A moment later I hear the little person by my side saying, “thank you for the berries tree”. Her sweetness made my heart smile, and it was another reminder how she is always watching and listening, ready to learn from us (her parents), and any adult who she has trust in really. If I were to let it, the responsibility of the impact we have on this little being could overwhelm me, but it doesn’t. She is learning so much about the world and her place in it, and I feel privileged to be showing her the way.

For November’s Styling the Seasons, Katy and Charlotte have teamed up with, Emily and Ruth. They are challenging people to do a specific style for this month, known as a ‘flat lay’. Which basically is an over-head aerial shot of a selection of positioned objects. You can find out more details about what’s involved, and what you could win by taking part, over on Katy’s blog.

Above you can see my ‘flat lay’. Made up from the things we gathered and collected, including a little pair of legs for good measure. After all, Bailey was my helper and did such a good job of finding treasures on the floor. She also had so much fun carrying the little basket (below), which I have to say, always gives me lots of joy too.

nature walk on the Geoffrey & Grace blog
Don’t forget if you fancy joining in, tag Katy and Charlotte and use the hashtag #STSxMakelight too. Or perhaps you might just want to peruse the gallery for some lovely ‘flat lay’ inspiration.


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