The Mollie Makes Handmade Awards – the results

The Mollie Makes Handmade Awards - Margot

It’s been almost a week and half since the Margot ladies had a day trip to London for the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards. If you missed the exciting news, Margot was a finalist in the collaboration category alongside two other collaborative projects.

We knew a good day would be had by all, whether we were to win or not. Team Mollie Makes had organised a jam-packed day of mentoring and activities for us to do. Plus it would give us an opportunity to chat everything making and creative with some fellow crafty folk.

First up was a photo walk with Xanthe Berkley, it was a perfect start to the day as we were all feeling a little nervous about the up coming presentations. Getting out in the fresh air and exploring the surroundings of the The Proud Archivist in London, was such a fun, creative distraction. I don’t know London very well and had no idea that there was such a lovely creative area around the canals of Haggerston. Whilst we got snap happy, Michelle took some time to do some sketches to capture the community of canal boats.

The Mollie Makes Handmade Awards - the photo walkThe Mollie Makes Handmade Awards - the photo walkThe Mollie Makes Handmade Awards - the photo walk

One of the highlights of my day, was finally meeting the wonderfully open hearted Allison Sadler (pictured with me above). For the last year and a bit I have joined in with her ‘Make it Sewcial’ hashtag on Instagram, and it was so lovely to meet the lady behind the idea. ‘Make It Sewcial’ is a lot more than just a hashtag, and it has now turned into an online hub for crafty goodness, where advice and support is swapped and encouraged. Allison was shortlisted for Make It Sewcial in the creative idea category, and I’m so pleased that she won. She is one of those ladies who puts her heart into all that she does, and she was such a pleasure to meet.

As part of the judging process all finalists had to do a presentation. Ours wasn’t until the end of the day, which gave my nerves an opportunity to build. I felt very nervous beforehand, and when we walked in to see all the judges sitting there, I suddenly felt like all the blood drained out of me and I was even more nervous, if that was at all possible. We had all decided what to say, Michelle had handwritten some beautiful cue cards with ink and pen, and I was to do the speaking. Despite my nerves, I think I was able to convey what Margot means to us and how collaborating has been key for her success (as well as being challenging at times).

The Mollie Makes Handmade Awards - MargotThe Mollie Makes Handmade Awards - MargotThe Mollie Makes Handmade Awards - Margot

If you missed the live reporting of the day on social media, Margot did not win. Hello Dodo and DesignosaurYEAH won with the fantastic collaboration that saw the birth of George the chameleon necklace.

The Mollie Makes Handmade Awards - Margot

We definitely didn’t come home empty handed, and learnt lots from the day. We were also given this lovely little banner, which is now hanging proudly at Margot. I spent quite a bit of time on Saturday moving it around to find the perfect spot.


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