Margot update and an artist and maker call out

Margot update and a artist and maker call out on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

Back at the beginning of the summer I was sitting at Blogtacular, notebook and pen in hand, ready to listen to Grace Bonney’s keynote speech. The previous 6 months had been busy ones. We were preparing for the summer at Margot, and still establishing what we wanted to do with the beach hut. Personally I was identifying and developing my style as a maker, whilst of course, sewing, designing, and making some stock. Plus I was balancing that alongside blogging, and doing some freelance writing.

As Grace Bonny, from Design Sponge, spoke about creativity and fear and her experience, there were several things that jumped out at me. She explained that there may be ‘pivot points’  where you need to choose which direction you want to go in. If like most creatives you are pursuing lots of projects all at once, there often becomes a time where you have to give up something that is successful.

Well this really struck a chord with me. Instinctively, I knew that I was at that place. At the time I was doing too many things, and it just wasn’t sustainable. I realised I needed to narrow down my focus, and ‘pick a lane’, but also was aware that meant giving up something that was doing well.

“Don’t be afraid to drop things that are successful but don’t make you happy” – Grace Bonney

Of course there can be a lot of fear around giving up something that is good and bringing you opportunities; and I definitely encountered fear over the decision. Relatively quickly I knew where I wanted my focus to be, and what that meant letting go of. However it took my mind and body a while to catch up, and get on board with what my instinct was telling me.

I am now confident in my final choice, and have been for a while now. Being sure I am doing the right thing, does not remove all the sadness from my decision, but I am now, at last, ready to share it here. Since the start of the new year I have no longer been an active part of Margot, and come the summer will be leaving completely.

It turns out that making to sell is not for me. There is a lot about the process that doesn’t make me happy. I will still make for family and friends, and enjoy making things for Bailey and myself to wear. It becomes a whole different process though when you are making with profit in mind, and are having to make 10 of something in one go. These are some of the elements that I just couldn’t get used to. It makes me sad to no longer be apart of this little fabulous gold beach hut makery, but am also excited about what this change will mean for Margot and myself.

Letting go of Margot has coincided with it becoming a lot clearer to me that my real passion is for writing, photography and creating great content. It makes much more sense to be able to place all my focus and drive into freelance writing, and this little internet space of mine that I dearly love. It feels good to have a clear direction, and I’m really excited by the creative opportunities that lay ahead.

This of course means that Margot is on the look-out for new creatives with a love of vintage who would be interested in joining the team…

Artist and maker call out

If you are an artist, maker or crafter local to Worthing, (or possibly even further a field) who would be interested in joining the fantastically creative ladies at Margot, we’d love to hear from you.

We are looking for someone to be a key member of the team, ready with lots of ideas and creative input into the future of Margot. We are also looking for artists and makers who would be interested in being involved on a more part-time basis, and simply having their work featured in Margot. If either of these opportunities are of interest to you please email Sally and Lou at for further details. Good luck to you all.

You can read more about Margot’s journey here.


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