making with nature – nature crown

nature crown on Geoffrey & Grace
After our nature walk last weekend, I felt inspired to make a nature crown using the berries that we had gathered. Last Monday morning when I should have been answering emails, and organising my week ahead, or washing up and sorting the house out a bit, I decided to take some time to be creative and ignore all of those other tasks that needed doing.

Here is what I made…

nature crown on Geoffrey & Grace
I had a loose idea of what I wanted the nature crown to look like, but tried to let the berries and twigs that I had in front of me guide and shape what I was making.

nature crown on Geoffrey & Grace
I recently watched Kirsten Rickert’s video that she shared on how to make a leaf crown. Whilst listening to her she said something that jumped out at me about how the hands just know how to make. That observation stayed with me and I think she is absolutely right. If you set a clear intention, and can stop the mind over-thinking, then the hands are free, and have a natural instinct about what needs to be done in order to create and make.

nature crown on Geoffrey & Gracenature crown on Geoffrey & Grace

nature crown on Geoffrey & GraceBailey had so much fun wearing her nature crown, and without me saying anything she slipped into the role of a queen. Her imagination is so brilliant, that really she could have been wearing a saucepan on her head and she would know how to pretend. However, this home-made nature crown made it easy to play at being royal. I wore it for a bit and soon felt regal – after all, the berries do look like real jewels.


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