Homemade & Natural Advent Calendar on Geoffrey & Grace

Tomorrow is the first of December, the beginning of Winter, and the first day that Bailey will open her homemade and natural Advent Calendar. The seasons have shifted once more, and our mornings have been magically frosty this last week – they have had us reaching deep into our pockets in search of mittens, and wrapping up in our soft scarves.

I’ve managed to make time to finish Bailey’s natural Advent Calendar just in time for her to open the first little brown parcel tomorrow morning.

Homemade & Natural Advent Calendar on Geoffrey & Grace

It was really simple to make. It just me took a little while to find the right things to go inside, and to tie all the gifts on to the branch. In the end, I went for a mix of craft activities and sweet treats.

We chose some big natural pavement chalks, some eco modelling clay and Natural Earth face paints. We bought these in packets (so there were multiples), which we divided up and spread throughout the twenty-four days. There is also a make your own finger mice paper kit, and three chocolate penguins from Bettys. We are off to the theatre twice in December so I’m going to add the tickets for her to open on those days too.

The branch was something Bailey picked up on a walk. We can’t come home without her bringing some ‘treasure’ back with her. All the other bits and pieces were things we had around the house anyway.

Homemade & Natural Advent Calendar on Geoffrey & GraceThis year I decided to write numbered tags, so she can practice recognising her numbers – so really it’s educational too 😉

Here’s what you need to make a Natural Advent Calendar…

  • Brown paper
  • String and twine
  • Sellotape and scissors
  • Tags and a pen
  • Branch
  • Ribbon
  • Mistletoe

Here’s what I did…

  1. Simply wrap all the little gifts in brown paper
  2. Tie the gifts with string and twine
  3. Label the gifts with numbered tags
  4. Tie the gifts to the branch
  5. Add a piece of twine to hang up your finished Advent calendar
  6. Add some greenery and ribbon to decorate

Homemade & Natural Advent Calendar on Geoffrey & GraceHomemade & Natural Advent Calendar on Geoffrey & GraceHomemade & Natural Advent Calendar on Geoffrey & GraceWe’re really ready for things to start feeling festive in our house now. From tomorrow onwards I will slowly decorate the house with a few decorations and greenery, and we will begin our other seasonal traditions too. I’ll pop back and share some of these in another post.

Happy Christmassing.


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