Butterfly friendly plants – Part 2 – Releasing the butterflies

Releasing butterflies on Geoffrey & Grace

It’s been over a month since I told you all about our caterpillars and butterfly friendly plants (see part one here) to help spread awareness of the Wildlife charity ‘Butterfly Conservation’. Not long after that post was published, we had a particularly exciting weekend where the chrysalises started turing into butterflies…

Early one morning, before I did anything else I padded along the landing to have a peek at the chrysalises. I was so excited to be greeted by a butterfly sitting very, very still, it’s wings still not fully open. I hurried to get Bailey as I knew how excited she would be. We both sat there in silence for a few moments, bleary eyed, just looking at this newly transformed creature. The night before, there had been a 3cm long chrysalis, and now there was this beautiful butterfly with its wonderful wings. It’s quite incredible that they can unfurl in that way.

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Slow fashion with Brooklyn label Muny

slow fashion with Brooklyn label Muny on Geoffrey & Grace

For lots of you reading this ‘slow Fashion’ may be a new concept. Most of the fashion industry is face paced; from the design stage to mass production, garments have a fast turn around so they can be sold at a low cost. This, and trends that come and go with each season encourage buyers to over consume.  ‘Slow fashion,’ is a term that was conceived in 2008 by sustainable design consultant Kate Fletcher, she wanted to not just look at how environmentally friendly a single item of clothing is, but she also wanted to address the speed of the whole fashion cycle.

If you follow me over on Instagram you will have already noticed me sharing some big love for the independent label Muny who do ‘slow fashion’ incredibly well. They make beautiful handcrafted clothes for children and women, and also have a range of accessories. Designed in Brooklyn, NY, all the clothes are made from natural fabrics, and are made using wood block printing, handloom weaving, and hand dyeing.

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Butterfly friendly plants – part one

Butterfly friendly plants - part one, on Geoffrey & Grace

The Wildlife charity ‘Butterfly Conservation’ have teamed up with B&Q, to help spread the word about butterfly friendly plants. When they asked if I’d like to be involved, and help support the project and promote butterfly conservation, I was so excited. Especially since it meant having our own caterpillars (from Gribbly Bugs) that would transform into butterflies. I knew Bailey would be fascinated, and that she would learn so much about nature through the process.

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slow living bloom and harvest April: moments captured

photo by Michelle @danceypantsdisco for slow living bloom and harvest on Geoffrey & Grace

photo courtesy of Michelle @danceypantsdisco

We’ve had a very cold spring here in England, and I can’t believe it is May already. The magnolias and blossoming trees have been reacting to our unseasonal weather, and some seem to have lost their flowers almost as soon as the buds have opened, whereas others only just seem to be in bloom. We actually had snow last week, and I have still been wearing thick socks, gloves and my winter coat. As a result we didn’t get out as much as previous years, so it has been a real pleasure to look at all your Spring (and Autumn) moments. As always, thanks so much for sharing your photos under #slowliving_bloomandharvest. There are over 1,500 photos in the gallery, so do pop over to instagram and take a look at the wonderful moments captured.

Here are a selection of my favourites from April…

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earth day and an instameet

earth day and an instameet on Geoffrey & Grace

Today, the 22nd of April, is Earth day; A chance to think about this wonderful planet of ours that we all call home. The Earth Day movement was created 46 years ago to spread awareness to make sure we are all doing what we can to reduce our impact on the world, keeping this incredible revolving rock of ours healthy and thriving for generations to come.

Sarah-Lou from Lapinblu and I have organised an Instameet for this Saturday the 23rd of April to coincide with celebrating Earth Day and to help make others aware of the Earth Day movement. If you are a regular reader you will know about my love for Instagram, not only because it’s a place to share wholehearted moments captured through photography, but also because it is a social network that has a wonderful sense of community. Instameets are a great opportunity to connect with some of the brilliantly creative people you get to know online, in real life.

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