More and more there is a shift towards conscious consumerism. Atlist is an Ethical Wishlisting Community that helps you find and buy ethical products. You can set up your own ethical wishlists and easily add products from your favourite online shops and share your lists with your friends and family. More and more there is a shift towards conscious consumerism.

It’s important what we surround ourselves with; the things we choose to have in our homes, the clothes we choose to wear, the products we choose to put on our bodies, and the food we choose to eat. Not just our personal choices but the choices we make for our children and families too.

Not just because these choices impact the planet (which is obviously super important) but they impact our health, wellbeing and lifestyle too.

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How any one can be a gardening guru with Fiskars... if you love plants but don't feel super confident about what you are doing, read on and learn how to make a terrarium with botanist and broadcaster James Wong.

An afternoon being creative and playing with plants, is pretty much my idea of perfection. A few weeks ago I was thrilled to be invited to an event in London to learn how to make a terrarium with botanist and broadcaster James Wong.

The event was organised by Fiskars, a leading global supplier of products for the home, garden and outdoors. Renowned for their famous orange handled scissors, Fiskars products are known for their brilliant design and functionality.

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How to keep warm and save energy this Winter. A simple DIY for a homemade draught excluder.

It’s been one of the coldest Winters in a long time here. For months I have been wearing two cardigans and drinking lots of hot tea. Our old victorian house is pretty draughty, and it’s really noticeable at this time of year. I have been thinking about all the things we can do to make sure we save energy, and I decided to make myself a draught excluder for the front door in order to keep us all a little warmer.

I recently heard about smart meters, which show you exactly how much gas and electricity you are consuming. They’re a great way to help you be more mindful about your heating and the appliances you use. Plus they also tell you exactly how much energy you use in pounds and pence. That means no more estimated bills, you pay for what you use. It will be so useful to be able to identify times when we are using lots of energy, so we can cut back – a visual reminder that is bound to motivate you to turn that landing light off!

The draught excluder was super simple to make, and no doubt I will be making a few more for the back of the house. I also decided to add some dried lavender to the filling so it will smell lovely too.

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Jo from Nurturing Kitchen tells me why connecting to nature inspires her to slow down and improves her well being

It’s time for the next instalment of the Inspired By Nature series. I am so happy to have this wonderful mama on the blog today. She is a cook inspiring others to nourish themselves and their loved ones through real, plant-based nurturing foods and activities. The food she makes and bakes is beautiful to look at, and instantly makes my mouth water. She manages to get so much colour into her food, and her Instagram feed has me drooling over my phone. I would sure like an invite to dinner.

Please welcome Jo Balfe from Nurturing Kitchen

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A.S Apothecary on Geoffrey & Grace. Photos by Susan Bell and Emma Lee

I am really excited to introduce you to my next guest in the ‘Inspired By Nature’ series. This lady is a traditional apothecary, a distiller, plantswoman and a therapist. She has had a really fascinating life and I have loved hearing more about why she does what she does. Having just opened a ‘bricks and mortar’ shop and therapy room in Lewes, East Sussex, I wanted to find out what led her to this point in her life.

I hope you enjoy reading her story. She has some wonderful insights into how nature can support and provide, in terms of self care. If you would like to live more in tune with the rhythm of the seasons but aren’t sure where to begin, then read on, she offers some brilliant advice.

Please welcome Amanda from A.S Apothecary….

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