the world according to Bailey (4 years old)

the world according to Bailey on Geoffrey & Grace

Bailey, who just turned four, has of course been talking for ages, but recently she has been saying some particularly wonderful things. I have been trying to commit them to my memory, and have actually started jotting them down.

Four is the age that sees her wanting to climb and hide under our kitchen table. She loves to jumble herself around my legs whilst I am finishing off breakfast. Her vocabulary is very good, but she still says things ’incorrectly’, which often makes them all the more perfect. When she was a little younger she would mispronounce the word ‘elephant’, and say ‘elphalent’ (elle-fa-lent). It made me so happy to hear her almost get the word right, that I wasn’t in any hurry to correct her. I knew she’d get it eventually, and I knew a bit of me would be sad that she was no longer saying ‘elphalent’.

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to plan or not to plan? what creativity and motherhood have in common

to plan or not to plan…? what creativity and motherhood have in common

It’s good to have plan I always think. A loose one at least, that you have the freedom to migrate from. Especially where creative things are concerned, I normally have a visual idea about how I would like something to look and also feel.

I have learnt along the way though, that with most things, it is best to be open and go with the flow. If you are too rigid in your idea, and not willing to adapt, you are not leaving any space for inspiration to move you.

Here, I think that creativity and motherhood have some things in common. Both can often add an unexpected twist to the mix, things don’t always pan out like you think they will, and you have to learn to roll with it. Some plans and ideas turn out to be a bit of a disappointment, and sometimes things can surprise you and be more wonderful than you could have ever imagined.

The Easter holiday was a little lesson in this for me…

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the balance of motherhood: can we have it all?

the balance of motherhood: can we have it all on Geoffrey & Grace
As I take on more work and Geoffrey & Grace grows I want to be mindful about how I balance my workload alongside raising Bailey. It’s difficult to get the balance of motherhood and work right and the last couple of weeks have left me feeling over stretched, which means it’s time to re-evaluate.

There seems to have been a spout of articles recently debating whether women “can have it all?” They’ve all been quite interesting reads, but I haven’t found any of them to be very positive or helpful. Perhaps, we need a more constructive starting point than “can we have it all?”, after all, it’s a pretty loaded question to begin with. It seems a fair assumption that no-one can ‘have it all’ (men or women) and that where working and raising a family are concerned, some compromises have to be made.

It’s also important to point out that “having it all” is a question of privilege. Some are grateful for any work at all, and are simply doing what is necessary. They are left to juggle employment, whilst relying on childcare and any funding that is available.

A more productive approach would be to figure out how we find a healthy and happy work-life balance, and how society and legislation can support this.

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slow living love: moments captured

photo by Louise @loopygibbens for slow living love on Geoffrey & Grace
photo courtesy of Louise @loopygibbens

Wow! What a great month for the slow living project. Since it was February, we decided to focus on ‘love’. A little four lettered word that holds so much meaning, and can impact your life in the most profound and magical way.

Folks have been sharing their ‘slow living love’ moments throughout the whole of the month, and the gallery is full of beautiful and inspirational photographs that encapsulate ‘love’ in all its forms. Do pop over to the gallery to have a look at all the photos that have been shared with #slowliving_love.

Here are my favourites…

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Bailey turns four

Bailey turns four

Bailey turned four at the beginning of the week. People always tell you how fast they grow up, and it’s true. I feel like I only just wrote Bailey turns three! I am so determined to drink it all in, and get the most of these early years. Of course Bailey was really ready to be another year older, and has been very excited about being able to hold up four fingers instead of three.

Turning from a three year old into a four year old, comes with lots of changes. Over the last year I have watched Bailey grow and develop her understanding of the world, and her place within it – not always with ease, and there has of course been frustrations and confusion along the way.

I have found that having a little one who is this age means we are often living in a place of extremes. She can quickly switch from oh so happy, to very cross, and then back again in an instant. This is very tiring, so I’m hoping the next year will be a little more even keeled.

So what is my sweet girl like as a newly four year old…

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