Lots of you are loving following along with our breakfast room DIY endeavours. The floor has been finished for about a month now and I am totally in love with it. It took a lot of sweat and a few tears to complete this wooden floor restoration but it has made such a big difference to the space. Read on to find out how we renovated it, and what we used...

Lots of you are loving following along with our breakfast room DIY endeavours. If you are on Instagram, and more precisely Instagram Stories, then you will have seen the wooden floor restoration taking place as it happened. The floor has been finished for about a month now and we are totally in love with it.

It took a lot of sweat and a few tears, but it has made such a big difference to the space. The room is so much lighter and because the colour is the same as the kitchen floor it links the two rooms beautifully.

A whole bunch of you got in touch to ask if I would share the process and what products we used. Also, filling the gaps between our boards became a hot topic and many of you messaged me with suggestions of things you have tried in the past, in order to make your homes less draughty. I know a few of you wanted to see that list too, so I will share that at the bottom of this post. This is not a sponsored post, just me telling you what I have tried and how I got on.

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What a slow home means to me and why it's important. Plus, some things to think about if you wish to create a calm and slow living space.

Since buying this house, over three years ago now, we have been trying to create a slow and simple home. There are some weeks when I glance around our home and the space is far from slow and simple, and having a slow home feels as elusive as ever.

When you are in the midst of house renovations there are bound to be patches of chaos. We have spent the last few weeks with the house feeling topsy turvy whilst we restored a sash window and then moved all the furniture out of one room into another in order to paint a floor (more on that later.)

Recently, I’ve been getting frustrated with how slow the progress has been. I know it’s ironic for some one who writes about slow living to admit that, but I just wish we could speed things up a little. How your home feels, and the space around you can have a really big impact on your well-being, and at the moment I am definitely craving more calm and order from our home.

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Inspired by nature and creating with nature in collaboration with Farrow & Ball. Hop over to Geoffrey and Grace to see more photos...Well, you all know that nature is a big inspiration to me. Spending time outdoors and playing amongst nature is one of the main things that helps me slow down and of course it improves my well-being too.

Farrow & Ball have just launched a new range of floral themed wallpapers, and I was really delighted to be set the challenge (a long with a handful of other bloggers) of bringing their new wallpaper designs to life using flowers and nature.

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A peaceful and natural nights sleep with Woolroom - how changing our bedding to natural fibres and switching to a wool filled duvet and pillows has affected our sleep patterns and ultimately our wellbeing.Last Sunday afternoon, Bailey, my husband and myself all snuck back to bed. It was pretty blissful to climb under the covers for a secret hour of slumber. We made ourselves a nest and just hung out there for a bit, reading and having cups of tea.

Up until recently though, our bedroom wasn’t such a great space for relaxing in. It always seems to be where anything that hasn’t found a home yet gets dumped, and even though we have a good mattress on our bed we haven’t previously put much thought or consideration into our bedding.

Over the last month though, I have made some conscious changes to our bedroom in order to help us get a peaceful and natural nights sleep. One of the biggest being that we have upgraded all our bedding to natural fibres. We have invested in some linen sheets, covers and cases, plus we have also switched our duvet, pillows and mattress protector for ones filled with wool from ‘Woolroom’.

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How we created a slow and simple kitchen on Geoffrey and Grace... Nearly everything is restored and renovated, and we completed most of the work ourselves.

Hooray, our slow and simple kitchen is finished! And it feels so good to have it done.

It has taken us a little while to get to this point, but that is the reality when you are renovating your victorian house yourself whilst raising a family, working and making space to enjoy life a little too.

We wanted to create a really simple and natural space that would be easy to cook in. The kitchen is small, so everything needs to be organised well. Luckily we have a big larder and the kitchen joins on to a breakfast room where we are able to keep most of our serving dishes.

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