Welcome to the Geoffrey & Grace Blog.

Melanie Barnes is the writer and photographer behind the Geoffrey and Grace blog – a home for slow, wholehearted and creative living.

In order to experience those wonderfully wholehearted moments every day it is essential to slow down and reconnect to our bodies. I have spent the last 15 years studying various forms of yoga, movement and meditation and was previously a yoga teacher and massage therapist before becoming a mother.

Currently in the middle of a year-long slow living project over on Instagram, I am always looking for ways to be present and truly connected.

This blog space celebrates imperfections and cherishes vulnerability, making time for and placing importance on creativity – in its many forms – and how it enriches our lives. It provides an opportunity to explore my creative potential, to create, express and share my experiences with others, in the hope of bringing a little bit of light and loveliness into your day.

We live in a small market town by the sea, here in England, and as a family we are always trying to simplify our lives. I share stories of motherhood, and you will mostly find us outside in nature. We are often noodling around by the sea and we love to go and explore up on The Downs.

We are currently restoring our Victorian (1890s) family home, and are consciously doing this slowly. It’s hard work, but a privilege to be uncovering the bare beauty of such an old house.

I love to support independent makers, and companies who have heart. It is important to me that things are made ethically. My family is vegetarian and where possible we are conscious about what we buy and the footprint we are leaving on earth.

I love to engage and connect with people from all over the world. To be part of an online community feels pretty special. If you would like to contact me, and I would so love to hear from you, please say hello here.

It’s so hard to write a few paragraphs that will really tell you ’about me’ and I think the following little manifesto does a much better job of letting you know what the mother behind Geoffrey & Grace is all about…

keep it simple – love your home – run with nature – be authentic – follow love and kindness


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